Meet Dr. Hawass and read about his credentials and experience. Read about recent news from Egypt. Learn about the Sphinx and the Pyramids! Find out about the large cache of mummies recently unearthed at the Bahariya Oasis Here are articles that feature Egyptian History.


Dr. Zahi Hawass

ARTICLE:    Manfred Bietak (Oct 2008)
ARTICLE:    Bastet The Cat
(Oct 2008)
ARTICLE:    King Tut is the Son of Akhenaten
(Oct 2008)
ARTICLE:    Hallucinations
(Oct 2008)
ARTICLE:    Lesson From the Damaittans
(Oct 2008)
DIG DAYS - Egyptian Archaeologists
(Sept 2008)
DIG DAYS - An Egyptologist to Be Remembered
(Sept 2008)
DIG DAYS - The Day of the Foetuses
(Aug 2008)
DIG DAYS - An Egyptian Artist in Rome
(Jul 2008)
DIG DAYS - The Princess of Thailand II
(May 2008)
DIG DAYS - When Seth Won
(Apr 2008)
DIG DAYS - The Princess of Thailand
(Apr 2008)
DIG DAYS - Omar Sherif and The Pyramid Builders
DIG DAYS - Egypt's Top 10: The Temple of Min
(Feb 2008)
DIG DAYS - Stealing His Thunder
(Feb 2008)
DIG DAYS - Egypt - Top 10: Obelisks
(Jan 2008)
DIG DAYS - How Far Back We Are
DIG DAYS - Scholars Who Love Egypt
DIG DAYS - Again A Problem with the American Customs
DIG DAYS - Egyptian Museums
DIG DAYS - Tampering With Nefertiti
DIG DAYS - Nefertiti
DIG DAYS - Nefertiti II
DIG DAYS - The Pharaoh's Dentist
DIG DAYS - The Pyramid Builders I
DIG DAYS - The Pyramid Builders II
DIG DAYS - No Discrimination
DIG DAYS - Priest of the Desert
DIG DAYS - Promoting Pyramid Secrets
DIG DAYS - Road to Abydos
DIG DAYS - A Visit To The States



Meeting Movie Stars

Trip To Siwa

A Reunion with an old friend, Mahed Attia

Hidden Treasure
During preparations for the celebration of the centennial of the Egyptian Museum, a different type of excavation was made in the dusty basements of both the Egyptian Museum and archaeological storehouses all over Egypt.

New Discovery At Giza
News about the site management program at Giza. We are restoring the tombs located to the south of Khafre the builder of the second pyramid.

The Egyptian Curse
Dr. Hawass discusses the real Curse of Egypt - the robbers, looters and dealers of the Egyptian antiquities

The Man Who Found The Sun Boat
Read about this remarkable man who discovered the intact Sun boat of Khufu.

The Secret Five Chambers
Dr. Hawass takes his students into the Relieving Chambers of the Great Pyramid.

Adventures with my Students
Dr. Hawass leads a field trip inside pyramids and at the Valley of the Golden Mummies

The Giza Conspiracy
Is there a conspiracy at Giza to hide information from the public? Check this article and learn the real truth.

Archaeology of the Soul
Dr. Hawass discusses this new and interesting book

From An Archaeologist Notebook
Read about the story of the Abdou El-Rasoul family and meeting Sheikh Aly. 
Also, read Part 2: The Hidden Chamber of Seti I

Seth Did Not Attend the Honoring Party
Read about the party honoring Dr. Ali Radwan

Who Is Seth?
Dr. Hawass explains about the God Seth

Sting and the Pyramids
Dr. Hawass Speaks out against Rock Concerts at the Sphinx

Pharaoh's Marathon
The annual marathon in Egypt has ancient roots

Saving the Secrets of the Sands
Read about Dr. Hawass' passion to save the ancient monuments

Exploring the Past - Secrets of the Pyramids
Here is an online  National Geographic article featuring Dr. Hawass