Trip to Paradise
Dr. Zahi Hawass

My trip to Siwa was a trip to Paradise. It was an amazing adventure, we stayed in a hotel without electricity and that was the best. I was accompanied to Siwa by Faiza abou El-Naga, Minister of the State for Foreign affairs and about 12 ambassadors of foreign countries in Egypt. We all had a common goal to protect Siwa, the most beautiful oasis in Egypt.

When I think of Siwa I always remember the foreign lady who collected treasures of crafts from Siwa and jewelry in order to export them from Egypt. And the lady from Greece, the head of Antiquities 5 years ago, who announced the discovery of the tomb of Alexander the Great in Siwa. But, no tomb was found! Siwa is now well protected and it is like a paradise.

We are going to build a new site Museum in this important area and we are now implementing a site management program for the Temple of the Oracle where Alexander the Great entered the Sanctuary of the temple and the god Amon talked to him. Unfortunately, he never said told anyone what was revealed to him. He wanted to tell his mother but he died before he could. Also, we are now working in the area of tombs at Gabel El Mouta to ensure that it will be protected.


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