House of Stone

Saqqara - Home of the first known large stone pyramid
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The Step Pyramid
The first stop on our tour is the Step pyramid of Zoser. Here is how it appears as you enter the main courtyard through the main entrance of the complex:

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Saqqara is the first site our tour, and rightly so, it represents the beginning of the pyramid age. The very first significant stone pyramid was built here, a creative variation on previous tombs, called mastabas. Prior to this, Egyptian Kings were buried in these mastabas, which are bench-like mounds that loam over a series of elaborate underground passageways. Here at Saqqara in the late 3rd Dynasty, King Zoser, with the help of his Chief Architect Imhotep, decided to improve on the simple bench-like design with a series of steps that formed the first step pyramid. The continuing evolution of the pyramid design would eventually lead to the Great Pyramid at Giza.

Many of the unsung heroes of ancient Egypt were artisans, architects and builders. Sadly, their names have not survived the light of modern day. It was far more common for all of the attention to be left to the king, and often his family and nobility. There are a few notable exceptions and none more legendary than Imhotep. The name of Imhotep has miraculously survived, on a statue base, in Saqqara. This fortunate discovery has shed some light on one of the few ancient known architects. Although reputed to be much more than an architect, Imhotep is credited with design and execution of the Step Pyramid of Zoser. He was later hailed by the Greeks as a god and was admired for also being a physician, healer and magician.

Saqqara is a huge ancient site and has many more components which will be added to this site later.


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