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The CyberJourney Continues!
Enjoy new looks at pyramids, tombs, temples, antiquities, read about new up-to-date information and interviews!
There are many more exciting pictures to come of many fascinating places!!

Join Us Now at these sites, new sites will soon become active:


-Check out these wonderful 360 degree Virtual Reality Panoramic views of various sites!!!! 
Recently updated to be compatible with current Quicktime player.


- Read my online interviews with Dr. Zahi Hawass ! 


- See the 3rd Dynasty Step Pyramid! More to Come!


- Enter An Old Kingdom Mastaba and Pyramid!


- Enter the newly opened Red Pyramid! Enter the Bent Pyramid!

Hale-Bopp Comet

- The Hale-Bopp Comet over the Great Pyramid!
Giza -Enter the all three of the famous Pyramids, and more!
The Sphinx - See all sides and even between the paws! New pictures from 2001.
Abu Roash - Enter The Pyramid of Djedefre!
Discuss Egypt Come discuss Egypt with our Ancient Egypt Discussion  Board! (temporarily closed)
Abu Sir - Explore three pyramids of kings from the 5th Dynasty!!
Abu Ghurab - The Sun Temple of Niuserre!

Tomb of Meresankh
Have you always wanted to GO to Egypt? Now here's your chance
without leaving your computer!!

**Through this web site you can explore Egypt through clear digital pictures from the ongoing CyberJourney.
**Join us whether you have a casual interest in Egypt, are a full blown Egypt enthusiast, a serious scholar, a student or even a whole classroom. Egyptologists are very welcome!

Join our ongoing conversations about ancient Egypt in our new
Guardian's Ancient Egypt BB

Be sure to check out my
2001 Spotlight Interview with Dr. Zahi Hawass

Secretary of the State for the Giza Monuments

The Sphinx and The Great Pyramid - (c) Copyright 1998 Andrew Bayuk, All Rights Reserved A closer look at some of the sites that we are visiting:
Giza: to see the famous pyramids and tombs on the plateau of this ancient necropolis. COMING SOON - the tomb of Meresankh and newly opened   pyramids and tombs!!
Saqqara: see the first great stone pyramid, the Step pyramid, and MUCH more
Dahshur: newly opened site with amazingly preserved Old Kingdom pyramids
Meidum: see the mysterious pyramid that suffered an enigmatic collapse
Abu Sir: see three pyramids from the 5th Dynasty
Abu Roash: explore the pyramid of Djedefre, son of Khufu
Abydos: visit the Mortuary Temple of Seti I and the Temple of Ramesses II
Abu Ghurab: see the 5th Dynasty Sun Temple of Nuiserre
Valley of the kings: visit the final resting place of the pharaohs of the New Kingdom
Ancient Temples: see the Temple of Horus, the Temple of Isis and many more
Cruise the Nile: see the majestic Nile with wonders on its shores

And MUCH more...

To see Egypt from a satellite, updated every 3 hours, click HERE.

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