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The Bent Pyramid
One of the most intriguing looking pyramids is the Southern Pyramid of Sneferu. This pyramid stands in stark relief against the flat Sahara Desert and invokes an awesome feeling as you approach it. This is how it appears when approached from the west face:

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The Red Pyramid
The Northern Pyramid of Sneferu has a calmer angle of 44 degrees, the same as the top portion of the Bent pyramid. NOW you can enter this pyramid and explore its passageways and chambers! Here is how it looks, as viewed from the Bent pyramid, looking at its southern face:

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Although relatively little known in modern times, Dahshur was a main breeding ground for the pyramid age. Here we find several pyramids, including two Old Kingdom pyramids, both unique, and both a distinct phase in the evolution of pyramid building and the pyramid complex.

King Sneferu, father of Khufu, was the curious builder of these pyramids, and perhaps even the earlier one at Meidum . The Bent Pyramid earned its name from its distinct change in angle. The pyramid was began at an angle of 52 degrees and midway through its construction this angle was suddenly and still inexplicably changes to the safer angle of 43 degrees. Some experts theorize that the pyramid at Meidum suffered its collapse during the building of this pyramid and it was this event that sparked the change in angle. Other experts believe that the Meidum pyramid collapsed much later, and this change in angle in the Bent pyramid would come for a different reason. Whatever the reason is, King Sneferu began a second pyramid at Dahshur, north of this first pyramid. This second pyramid, now called the Northern or Red Pyramid, was completely built at the angle of 43 degrees, as with the top portion of the Bent Pyramid.

These pyramids, as with the pyramid at Meidum, clearly demonstrate the features of the typical "pyramid complex". Pyramid complexes consisted of the pyramid surrounded by a wall, smaller subsidiary pyramids, a Mortuary or Funerary temple at the east face, and a covered causeway leading to a Valley Temple which would run parallel to the Nile. Remnants of the Mortuary temples can be seen at both pyramids. The Bent pyramid has a single subsidiary pyramid.

The site also contains two pyramids from a later time, the 12th Dynasty. These pyramids were of far less quality at their interior which were only fortified with simple mudbrick.


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