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News Bulletin
22 November 1999


Egypt on international TV programs

1- Associated Television is organizing a project of filming a series of travel and entertainment programs in Egypt to be aired on more than 80% of the USA channels and on international channels such as FOX, NBC and ABC. Laura Mackenzie, a top travel presenter is hosting important archaeological personalities as part of the program to speak about the incredible range of sites in Egypt. The wonderful activity of the SCA is to be focused on through a highly reputable TV program where cultural sites all over Egypt will be highlighted. The famous actor Roger Moore will host the entertainment program and interview the minister of tourism amongst other personalities.

Exhibition in Barcelona

2- Queen Sofia of Spain to be appointed Honourary Commissary to Ancient Egyptian Monuments as the Fundacio Caixa Catalunya is overseeing an exhibit project to be held in Barcelona. Priceless objects of the Cairo Museum shall be exhibited in order to allow the Spanish public to admire in Barcelona the famous monuments of Egypt that is promoted as the wold's greatest outdoor museum.

The Great Pyramid of Khufu Renovated

3- The SCA decided on April the 1st to close Khufu pyramid temporarily, as humidity raised up to 80% and the walls of the grand gallery were covered with 3cm of salt. A plan was set to organize the close and open of each pyramid according to a rotating schedule, this will facilitate their preservation and restoration. Egyptian architects and restorers worked thoroughly during one year in order to remove visitors' graffiti from the inner walls of the first and second chambers that have been completely cleaned. A new lighting system has been integrated inside the pyramid and the cracks in the great gallery's walls have been repaired. An airshaft was placed at the opening to increase the flow of fresh air inside, this ventilation system is a gift of a French perfume company. It has been agreed to allow in only 300 visitors per day and aircrafts are rerouted from above the area. Farouk Hosni, minister of Culture and Dr.Gaballah Ali Gaballah reopened Khufu Pyramid for visit in June after a press conference held in the Boat Museum.

Egyptian Monuments exhibited in the Metropolitan

4- The Old Kingdom and the Pyramid age is the exposition held in the Louvre as from April 6th. The exclusive statues, participation of the SCA and originating from the Giza plateau excavations were exhibited in Paris for two month and moved actually to the Metropolitan cases to be admired by a large interested public in the USA as from September 13th. The basalt statue of the dwarf pr ny ankhw is very explicit as the inscription reveals" who he pleases his majesty every day". This important finding was discovered west of the Khufu Pyramid.

Napoleon's Sanken fleet in Abukir

5- Comte De Bonaparte arrived in Alexandria to witness a very important event related to his grandfather. The European Institute of the Under Water Monuments together with the Supreme Council of Archaeology had discovered the remains of Napoleon's ships that had faced Nelson's during the famous battle led in Abukir in August 1798. Frank Goddio, the French diver is proud of the findings he located under the water facing Nelson's island in Abukir namely 3 huge bronze canons and 500 coins, golden, silver and bronze that were part of the soldiers remuneration. A museum is part of a large plan to exhibit the underwater findings whether they belong to the Ancient Egyptian Civilization as attested by the sphinx statues taken out of the water or the Graeco-Roman temple found there. Ibrahim Darwish, the SCA responsible has invited the press to witness the conference held by the Minister of Culture, Farouk Hosni.

Three tombs in Luxor to be opened for visit in 2000

6- Final restoration touches will end soon to announce the completion of three tombs. Dr.Sabri Abdel Aziz, Director of Luxor monuments stated that restoration included the tomb of Horr Moheb, 18th Dynasty king, where depictions and graffiti were submitted to a thorough restoration. The project also includes the third floor of Hatchepsut's Temple. Expected opening date is March 2000 while the restoration of Senemut tomb is expected to be in April, Senemut is the architect who designed Hatchepsut's Temple known as El Deir El Bahari as it was used during the Christian era as a Deir for Christian priests.

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