SCA Bulletin - 20 September 1999

1- Egyptian Museums income reached 5 million during April as Dr. Nawar announced. Dr. Ahmed Nawar, head of the Museum Department in the Supreme Council of Archaeology, stated that the Cairo Museum revenue was 3 million and 426 EGL while the Luxor museum was 394 thousand.

2- The Egyptology Gallery in the British Museum was recently re-opened after its renovation. New objects are exhibited for the first time. This section's renovation lasted 6 months. John Taylor, British Museum Curator, announced that few mummies were taken to some hospitals and treated secretly there as patients with X-rays.

3-  The third restoration phase of the Giza plateau will include a new parking area specially set for horses and camels running in the area and serving the visitors. A new gateway to be built will be considered as the main entrance of the area to replace the Mena house and the sphinx entrances. The Supreme Council of Archaeology, represented by Dr. Gaballah Ali Gaballah, the secretary General, has assigned the Arab Contractors to prepare the area for the year 2000. The project consists, apart from what was previously mentioned, of boutiques and bazaars with a total cost of 8 million pounds.

4-  The International Congress of Egyptologists will be held in March/April 2000 in the Cairo International Conference Centre. Achievements covered by the last 200 years will be covered by almost 1.500 participants approximately. Dr. Zahi Hawass, chairman of the Egyptologists committee is expecting to discuss many interesting subjects related to the state of the Egyptian monuments, restoration, conservation and preservation.