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Here are some letters sent to Dr. Hawass.

Examining the Children of King Tutankhamen (August 2008)
New studies are being conducted on the two baby mummies found in King Tut's tomb. The results will help us better understand the intriguing family of Tutankhamen.
Princess of the Sun (March 2007)
Although entertaining, the cartoon called “Princess of the Sun” which relates an imaginary story about the monotheistic king Akhenaton and his family, has some historical inaccuracies that Dr. Hawass has addressed in this article.
Guardian's Spotlight Interview with Dr. Hawass
Read this latest interview with Dr. Hawass by the Guardian, Dr. Andrew Bayuk, discussing the traveling King Tut Exhibit, new discoveries at Saqqara, The Valley of the Kings, advice on becoming an Egyptologist and more!
Tips For Becoming An Archaeologist
Sept  2005
If you've ever considered becoming an archaeologist here are some simple suggestions from Dr. Hawass
Feb  2005
Read the speech that Dr. Hawass delivered while receiving his honorary degree from AUC!
Dr. Hawass gives a special personal tour to an 8-year old girl!
HERE'S the follow up article about Dr. Hawass and Egypt's youngest ambassador
Dr. Hawass leads students on a field trip inside the pyramids and at the Valley of the Mummies!
THE PLATEAU - Official Website of Dr. Zahi Hawass
Here is the main official website for Dr. Hawass. Here you can find a lot of additional information about Dr. Hawass, excavations in Egypt, Egyptology and much more!


"The first statue I found was a statue of a dwarf . When I entered a shaft about 5 metres down, and I held this statue in my hands, it was exactly like when I held my first born son - exactly that same feeling. When you enter the shaft for the first time, that no one has entered before you - in the dark, the excitement and the adventure go to your heart, it trembles the heart, and this is why when you reveal it, you tremble the heart of the people. When you see a movie, it is s thrill, but in a movie, they set this up. But for us, it is not a movie. It is real."



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