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Pyramid of Menkaure - Aerial View

From Your Own Computer Through Guardian's CyberJourney To Egypt

By combining the most modern technology with the most ancient, you can now look through the pyramids of Egypt from the comfort of your own home.

The Bent Pyramid at DahshurThe Step Pyramid at SaqqaraThe Great Pyramid at Giza

Guardian's Bent Pyramid   New Now, for the first time, you can see the inside of the fascinating Bent Pyramid at Dahshur. Check out these exclusive color photos of the interior!

Guardian's Meidum  This cyber adventure highlights the mysterious pyramid at Meidum. Now you can descend into the pyramid.

Guardian's Red Pyramid   Learn about and enter the newly opened Red Pyramid at Dahshur!

Guardian's Great Pyramid   Explore the Great Pyramid of Khufu from all sides and even enter into the pyramid step by step.

Guardian's Pyramid of Djedefre   Take a rare glimpse at the remains of the Pyramid of Djedefre, son of Khufu, located at the site of Abu Roash!

Guardian's Pyramid of Khafre   Take a CyberTour of the second pyramid of Giza, the Pyramid of Khafre! Now you can enter this pyramid and see its unique internal arrangement!

Guardian's Pyramid of Menkaure   Take a CyberTour of the third pyramid of Giza, the Pyramid of Menkaure!! Now you can also enter this pyramid!

Guardian's Abu Sir   Here's a website featuring the 5th dynasty pyramids of Abu Sir!

Guardian's Step Pyramid of Saqqara  You can't go inside just yet, but you can visit the pyramid from all sides and learn about its unique internal arrangement.

Guardian's Abu Ghurab   Visit the 5th Dynasty Sun Temple of Nuiserre.

And, don't forget to take your tour of the Great Sphinx of Giza

COMING SOON: The Pyramid at Seila!!

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The Pyramids at Giza - Copyright (c)1998 Andrew Bayuk, All Rights Reserved
The Pyramids at Giza

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