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Last Updated on 04/02/15

3,600 Year Old Mummy Uncovered (February 2014) New
A Spanish team fiinds a well preserved mummy from the 17th Dynasty at Luxor!

4,600-Year-Old Pyramid Excavated! (February 2014) New
Read about a small step pyramid recently excavated near Edfu that is older than the Great Pyramid.

SIGN THE PETITION to call on the Egyptian Transitional Authority and Military to immediately restore adequate security measures to the monuments!

Dr Zahi Hawass Resigns Over Eroded Security Matters (March 2011)
Here is a brief interview explaining why Dr. Hawass felt it was necessary to resign in protest

2011 Spotlight Interview with Dr. Zahi Hawass (February 2011)
Here's a somewhat brief exchange with Dr. Hawass from Feb. 21, 2011 which asks some questions after the recent protests, vandalism and thefts in Egypt.

New Developments at Luxor (August 2009)
Things are happening at Luxor. Read up about the restoration of the Abul Hagag El-Loxori Mosque, changing the entrance of Luxor temple, the development of the area around Deir el-Bahri Temple, the restoration of Howard Carterís rest house and MORE.

New Revamped Official Website of Dr. Zahi Hawass! (February 2009)
Check out the face lift for Dr. Hawass' website which includes a new layout and additional capabilities to keep up with the great work of Dr. Hawass.

The Discovery of the Mummy of Hatshepsut (June 27, 2007)
Dr. Zahi Hawass formerly announces the discovery of the mummy of Hatshepsut and reveals the exciting clues that led to the discovery.

29 Million Year Old Skull Found In Egypt! (MAY 2007)
A recently unearthed fossilized skull sheds new light.

Egyptians, Not Greeks Were the True Fathers of Modern Medicine (MAY 2007)
This article suggests that we may have to rethink the origins of medicine.

Read about the newly discovered cache found in the Valley of the Kings near King Tut's tomb!


2005 Spotlight Interview with Dr. Zahi Hawass
Read this latest discussion with Dr. Hawass with Guardian which covers the traveling King Tut Exhibit, new discoveries at Saqqara, the Valley of the Kings, the Giza plateau management plan, the opening of  Abu Sir, excavating the Bent Pyramid and more.

King Tut Returns to the U.S.
For the first time in 26 years pieces from the King Tut cache are displayed in American Museums!

Becoming An Egyptologist  Have you ever considered becoming an Egyptologist? If you have, here's the information that you need to get started.

Ancient Egypt Explore this nice concise website presenting info on Egyptian life, geography, gods & goddesses, mummification, pharaohs, pyramids and more. Has features which require Shockwave plug-in. Presented by the British Museum.

Tombs and Mastabas of Ancient Egypt 
OsirisNet is dedicated to the tombs and mastabas of Ancient Egypt and to the religious and funerary spaces of this civilization. The entire material has been done by professional Egyptologists.

Virtual Kahun 
Here is a joint project between The Manchester Museum and tthe Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology featuring the ancient town of Kahun with some really cool reconstructions.

The World of Ancient Egypt 
Pictures and Descriptions of 72 gods/goddesses and rulers from 0 - 7 Dynasties, and more.

Egyptian Monuments
Descriptions and photographs of the ancient Egyptian monuments. Essential information for the independent traveler. Take a journey down the Nile. Visit the ancient monuments of the pharaohs How to get there, what to see. Monuments currently open to visitors.

Women in Ancient Egypt 
A look at the lives of women of all social classes in Ancient Egypt, including brief  biographies of some of the important queens.

Egyptian Museum of Antiquities 
This Egyptian Museum contains the world largest ancient Egyptian artifact collection. Here is their web page!

Late Predynastic and Early Dynastic Egypt This is a detailed account of the History and Archaeology of the Egyptian Early Dynastic Period: it has very informative pages on Dynasty 0, 2 and 3. If you are interested in Late Predynastic and Early Dynastic periods you'll find here what you're searching for. There are also 4 corpora: First Dynasty Wooden/Ivory Labels, Early Dynastic Royal Inscriptions on Stone Vessels and Late Predynastic Ceremonial Slate Palettes; Naqada IIIb1-2 serekhs; plus articles, chronologies, news, images galleries, links and especially abundant text. Nice reading by Francesco Raffaele, I.U.O. Napoli.

The Well Shaft Here's an article about the well shaft in the Great Pyramid. 

2001 Spotlight Interview
Read this latest discussion with Dr. Hawass which covers new discoveries at Bahriya, the workmen's tombs, the Giza plateau management plan, the Bent Pyramid and more.

Egypt Art in the Age of the Pyramids Here is a review of the special exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. Includes some nice pictures of some of the featured displays.

Amelia Edwards Read about this fascinating women who was a journalist, a novelist, and an Egyptologist. Includes text and pictures from her book, Pharaohs, Fellahs, and Explorers.

Tutankhamun: Anatomy of an Excavation FINALLY! The long awaited online electronic publication of Howard Carter's records of the excavation of the tomb of King Tut! Brought to you by the Griffith Institute.

National Geographic - Cairo Museum Unveils Lost Egyptian Treasures
Read about the some of the treasures stored in the museum that have not been seen since they were discovered.

Akhet InternetHere's a nice ancient Egypt site featuring info and pictures about the Amarna Period, Tutankhamun, museums, art, mummies, mythology and more.

Faces of the Pharaohs  Here is an interesting page that presents reconstructive drawings of the faces of the Royal Mummies. This was up a while back but disappeared and I was happy to find this new location. Brought to you by Marianne Luban.

The Myth of Osiris and Isis  Learn about the ancient Egyptian story of Osiris and Isis, brought to you by my   daughter, Whitney Bayuk, when she was 11 years old.

Travel Photos of Egypt  Here's some nice travel photos, including pictures of the Giza pyramids, Sphinx, and the temples of Luxor, Karnak and Abu Simbel, brought to you by Steve Underwood.

The Pyramid Builders  A concise primer on the Egyptian pyramids featured in chronological order.

Carlo Vidua and the Travellers of 1800 in Egypt  Check out this exhibit of writings and names of travellers engraved on monuments in Egypt.

Certain Infamy in Egyptology and Museology Here's a  personal Webpage on the Mansoor Amarna Collection, and on the controversy surrounding it.

The Pyramids and Temples of Gizeh Here's the online version of the excellent 1883 book on the Giza pyramids by W.M.Flinders Petrie!

Kahun, Gurob and Hawara This cool page features an online book by W.M. Flinders Petrie which is about the pyramid and tombs of Hawara, Medinet Gurob, and the Hieratic Papyrii of Kahun.

The Upuaut Project This official web site contains a complete scientific report about the robotic investigation of the so-called "air shafts" inside the Great Pyramid of Cheops (Khufu), and all related additional information.


Gavin's Egyptological Pages (NEW URL) Gavin's done a great job with this site, featuring examples of old Egypt pictures, stereocards, postcards, antique prints, portraits and more.

Statement about Dr. Mark Lehner     Here is an exclusive statement about the credentials and sincerity of Dr. Mark Lehner, Egyptologist, by Robert G. Bauval & Graham Hancock

The Plateau - The Official Website of Dr. Zahi Hawass  Here is the long awaited OFFICIAL website for Dr. Zahi Hawass, Undersecretary of the State for the Giza Monuments. Learn all about his background, credentials, conservation and management of the pyramids, read recent interviews and more!

Guardian's Egypt In The Round  Enjoy these brand new 360 degree Panoramic views of various sites in Egypt. Now you can look all around and zoom in and out using this QuickTime Virtual Reality!! Brought to you by the Guardian and the Danimator!

Giza Online   A nice site about Egypt featuring Ancient Egypt, The Sphinx, Pyramids, Temples, Guide Maps, News, Research, History, Gossip and more. Presented by Sunship Publishing.

Mysteries of Egypt  Explore the mysteries of Egypt through this new IMAX film, learn about Egyptian Civilization, visit Egyptian Exhibits and more. Brought to you by National Geographic and Destination Cinema.

The Egyptian Dre@m   This new Egypt website features an Egyptian Tour, Chronology of the Egyptian civilization, a picture gallery and more!!

Funerary Chapel of Kaipure  This site, presented by Learning Sites, features a traveling exhibit and includes a 3-D model of the chapel of Kaipure, an Old Kingdom official

Treasures of the Sunken City   Learn all about how a French archaeologist and his team discovered the Pharos lighthouse, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, underwater, just offshore from the modern city of Alexandria in Egypt. Brought to you by Nova Online.

Teacher's Guide to The Walton Hall of Ancient Egypt Here are some great notes about the cultural change and cultural continuity in Ancient Egypt.

Guardian's Ancient Egypt Kid's Connection  Finally, the long awaited Guardian's Ancient Egypt KIDS Connection. Here are the Ancient Egypt websites that kids love!

Kent Weeks - Live Web Broadcast  Now you can listen to Kent Weeks as he discusses his recent finds at the Tomb KV5, the Tomb of the Sons of Ramesses II. Brought to you by National Geographic. To enjoy this you must have RealAudio or RealPlayer installed on your computer. You can download these HERE.

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