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Guardian's Ancient Egypt Kid's Connection  
Finally, the long awaited Guardian's Ancient Egypt KIDS Connection. Here are the Ancient Egypt websites that kids love!

Senet For Windows
Download a shareware computer version of the ancient Egyptian game, Senet. Complete with sound and great graphics.

Hounds and Jackals for Windows
Here's yet another excellent computer version of an ancient Egyptian game, Hounds and Jackals.

20 Squares for Windows
Here's one last excellent computer version of an ancient Egyptian game, 20 Squares

Hieroglyphic Font for Windows! 
Download and install this font through Windows and you will be able to insert hieroglyphs into your documents as well as print them! You will need a program such as WINZIP to unzip this file.

Serge Rosmorduc's Hieroglyphic Converter 
Enter your name and it is instantly converted into hieroglyphs! If this is busy and won't work go HERE and enter your name.

Easy Arabic   
This shareware program for Windows teaches the basics of Arabic. If you like it, be sure to register, or try the Arabic Tutor 2.0 program, also a Windows-based learning tool.

Pimsleur's Egyptian Arabic
This is one of the best most and effective Egyptian Arabic courses available. If you want to go to Egypt with the some ability to converse, this is the place to start.

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