Guardian's Abu Sir
The Pyramid of Sahure
The Causeway & Pyramid of Sahure

The remnants of the causeway leading to the Pyramid of Sahure at its eastern face. Originally this causeway was  completely covered and adorned with fabulous wall carvings.

South Face of Pyramid of Sahure
The south face

The West face of the Pyramid of Sahure
The pyramid of Sahure as seen from its western face

North face of the Pyramid of SahureEntrance to the Pyramid of Sahure

Blocked by rubble and debris, here is the north side of the pyramid which led to its entrance. Originally the entrance led to a short descending passageway which was lined with red granite. This continued with a small ascending passageway which led to the main burial chamber. The burial chamber has a gabled roof which consists of several tiers of limestone layers. Only a small fragments of a sarcophagus was found when the badly damaged burial chamber was entered in the early 19th century.

Sahure Cartouche

Within the remnants of the mortuary temple are carvings which include the cartouche of Sahure. On these magnificent large granite blocks, traces of the original paint can still be seen in some of the hieroglyphs.

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