Guardian's Abu Sir

The Pyramid of Niuserre

The East Face of the Pyramid of Niuserre
Looking at the pyramid, here is the east side seen across the rubble from the Mortuary Temple

The South Face of the Pyramid of Niuserre
Around back at the south face of the pyramid.

The West Face of the Pyramid of Niuserre
Here is the west face.

The North Face of the Pyramid of Niuserre

As with most other pyramids, the north face is the side that has the entrance to the passageway and chambers of the pyramid. As with the other Abu Sir pyramids, the entrance to Niuserre's pyramid is blocked with rubble and debris and cannot be entered. The interior consists of a descending passageway which levels out and was blocked by portcullis blocks. This led to another descending passageway which lead to an antechamber, again with a gable roof. The burial chamber was to the west of the antechamber and also contained a gabled roof made of three layers of limestone blocks..

The Cartouche of King Niuserre
The cartouche of Niuserre as seen on one of the large granite blocks that were part of his Mortuary Temple.

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