Guardian's Abu Sir
The Pyramid of Neferirkare
The Pyarmid of Neferirkare

The East Face of the Pyramid of Neferirkare
The east face.

The South Face of the Pyramid of Neferirkare
The South face

The West Face of the Pyramid of Neferirkare
The west side.

The North Face of the Pyramid of Neferirkare

There is the north side of the pyramid, which leads to the entrance. As with the other pyramids at Abu Sir, the entrance is also blocked with debris and can no longer be entered. Form this entrance, a short descending passageway levels off to a continuing passageway. This then leads to an antechamber with a gabled roof. On the west side of the antechamber is a small passageway that leads to the main burial chamber, also sporting a gabled roof with  3 layers of limestone. The chambers are badly damaged and no traces of the royal treasure, the sarcophagus or the kings remains have been found in this pyramid.

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