Andrew's music has been described:

"Each song tells a story, but the words don’t get in the way of the foot-stomping driving rhythm of the electrifying acoustic guitar sound. Andrew’s searing electric guitar is  served up on a bed of acoustic guitar, with a side of lush harmonies. With solid roots in folk, blues, and rock, Bayuk’s music draws a surprisingly hip and diverse audience. He has been compared to the Beatles and John Lennon, with a modern rock feel. Andrew’s recent appearance on the TV entertainment show Deco Drive highlighted one of his recent 4 awards in the American Idol Underground online music contests."

In addition to his more conventional songs about life and love, Andrew plays songs for promoting peace and social justice. His song, "Think Peace" has been used as a modern anthem for the peace movement. His single, "Through the Eyes of the Other" is a banner for personal understanding, empathy and compassion.

You can see a list of venues that Andrew has performed at HERE.
Currently in the studio, Andrew is recording his song, "Barnabas Collins" about the main character in the Dark Shadows series. Currently, Tim Burton is fliming the big screen re-make of Dark Shadows with Johhny Depp as Barnabas Collins.

Andrew has a passion for ancient Egypt and is also working on his next full length CD which contains songs about various aspects of ancient Egypt. See the song list HERE. An acoustic version of one such song, called "Weighing of the Heart," debuted on his first CD Mixed Messages. Another example appears on his latest CD, The Dreamer or the Dream, this one called "Horus on the Horizon.

Andrew Bayuk
Andrew Bayuk - guitar, vocals

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