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CONTENTS: Aga Khan Award \ Celebration at Damiatta \ National Geographic Honor \ Lecture in L.A.

News From The Pyramids
May 2001
Office of Dr. Zahi Hawass

Aga Khan Award

Zahi Hawass is going to travel to Geneva on June 16 to decide the Architectural and Restoration project that will win the Aga Khan Award. Zahi Hawass is a member of the Jury.

Celebration at Damiatta

Mansura University in the Delta made a celebration at Damiatta, one of the University branches and the hometown of Dr. Hawass home town. They gave Dr. Hawass an Award because of his achievement and also because he is one of Damitta's famous people. The Governer of Damiatta, Dr. Abdel Aziem El Wazier, gave a speech and many journalists attended the celebration. Also, the University held a conference and many scholars presented papers on that occasion.

National Geographic Honor

Dr. Hawass, will travel on July 9 to Washington, D.C. where he will receive the honor to be an Explorer in Residence for the national Geographic.  He is No. 8 of the chosen Explorers and he is the only Egyptologist. The National Geographic will make an announcement about this in July. 

Lecture in L.A.

Dr.Hawass will be in L.A for a month start on July 13th. he is not teaching this year but he will start writing his new book. 

Dr. Hawass will give a public lecture at the Natural History Museum in L.A. for the American Research Center in southern California. The lecture is on August 4th. For more information contact ARCE, 323-231-1104.


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