Getty Conservation Institute to Study the Tomb of Tutankhamun
July 30, 2008


Since Carter opened the tomb of Tutankhamun in 1922, there have been many questions and concerns about the state of conservation of the painted scenes that decorate its walls.

In order to be sure that there is no immediate danger to them, and that all possible measures are being taken to conserve and protect this important monument for future generations, the Getty Conservation Institute has agreed to conduct a comprehensive study of the tomb.

The GCI will examine such issues as what the spots might be that have been observed in the paintings for many years. The GCI has extensive expertise in administering such critical projects, as shown by their excellent handling of the conservation of the tomb of Nefertari, which was saved through the work of the great Italian conservator, Paolo Mora.

That this new study is an important step in our efforts to preserve and protect our heritage for the future.


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