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The Mummy of Nefertiti -7/03
Has the mummy of Nefertiti finally been found? Dr. Hawass does not believe that it has.

Ramesses I Mummy to Return to Egypt!  -4/30/03
The Michael C. Carlos Museum in Atlanta will return this famous mummy to its homeland.

Three Tombs Unearthed in Driver's House  -6/9/02
The Egyptian Government announces the discovery of 3 tombs in the Al-Bahraya Oasis.

7 new Tombs Found in Saqqara  -6/6/02
The Egyptian Government announces the discovery of mudbrick tombs dating from 1307-1087 BCE.

The Pyramid Count Climbs  -5/30/02 - 6/5/02
New pyramid discovery in Abu Roash! Reported by Al-Ahram Weekly Online. You can read more about this HERE.

Rare Pharaonic Bust Unearthed in Delta  - 3/31/02
Read about this rare find - the discovery of a rare 12 foot high bust thought to be that of Nerfertari!

Recovery of a Precious Coffin Trough  - 2/02
Finally, the bottom of the coffin discovered in KV 55 is returned to its rightful place in Egypt.

Ancient Egyptian Tomb Found  - 11/18/01
Egyptian archaeologists have discovered a 2,500-year-old limestone tomb in a densely populated area of apartment blocks in Cairo.

Egyptian Worker's Tomb Copied Pharaohs  - 6/23/00
Here's a recent report about the finding of tombs of the Giza pyramid builders that are shaped like small pyramids.

ABC News - Egyptian God's Tomb Unearthed - 2/16/2000
Here's the latest update about Dr. Hawass' work on the 98 foot deep tomb being explored in Giza.

National Geographic - Egypt Struggles to Save its Pyramids - 12/31/99
Read about the ongoing conservation efforts of the Egyptian pyramids including video clips featuring Dr. Hawass!

CNN - Exploring Ancient Egyptian Perception of Human Form - 10/8/99
Read about this exciting Old Kingdom Exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City!

CNN - Researchers Find Health Secrets in Ancient Egyptian Eye Shadow - 9/22/99
In ancient Egypt, everyone wore eye make up -- men, women and children of all castes, according to historians. Scientists now think the cosmetics may have had as much to do with health as with beauty or style.

TIME - Valley of the Lost Tombs  - 9/6/99
Here's TIME magazines online article about the recent find of a mummy cemetery.

National Geographic News - First on the Scene of Historic Mummy Find - 6/21/99
Here's the National Geographic article about the finding of the 10,000 mummies. Includes video footage and audio clips!

ABC News - Mummy Cemetery Uncovered - 6/14/99
Read about the recent discovery of 105 mummies from the Graeco-Roman Period!

Millennium Pyramid Celebration - 4/18/99
Learn out about the upcoming celebration of the new millennium to take place at the pyramids in Giza.

Guardian's Late Breaking News - 6 Royal Tombs Open in Valley of Kings - 3/28/99
Read about the six royal tombs in the Valley that are being again opened to the public!

Opening The Lost Tombs: FOX TV Special - 3/3/99
Learn about the recent live ancient Egyptian tomb opening  on Fox television.

Archaeologists Find New Treasures of Ancient Egypt - 1/9/99
Learn about well preserved statues recently found at Saqqara.

ABC News - Mapping Pharaonic Capital - 12/1/98
Using magnetic sensors and computers, Egyptian experts have located and mapped an important ancient pharaonic city in the Nile Delta.

Sphinx of Cleopatra's Father Emerges from Waves - 10/29/98
Read news of a granite sphinx with the head of Cleopatra's father that emerged recently from the choppy waters of Alexandria harbor after 1,600 years of submersion.

'Gifts of the Nile' A Brilliant Showcase of Ancient Egyptian Art
Enjoy an ancient egypt exhibit at the the Cleveland Museum of Art.

Archaeologists Open Ancient Tomb In Egypt
Read about the recent opening of the first intact tomb uncovered in Egypt since the discovery of the tomb of King Tut, found at Abu Sir, Egypt

BBC - Sphinx Loses Support
Finally the scaffolding falls away from the Sphinx as the restoration winds down.

ABC - Tomb of King Tut's Nurse Found Near Cairo
French archaeologists announced that they have found the tomb of the wet nurse of Tutankhamen!

CNN - Officials Seek to Reassure Tourists After Attack The Egyptian government are taking steps to restore faith in travel to Egypt after the recent tragedy at Luxor.

CNN - The Sounds of Ancient Egypt Read about the violinist that believes music is key to understanding how the pharaohs may have spoke.

Egypt Enjoying Tourism Boom  Read about the recent upswing in tourism in Egypt over the past few years.

News from Luxor, December 1996  News from Nigel Strudwick about his work at Luxor!

CNN - Tombs of the Unknown Workers  This article features the Workman's Village for the builders of the Pyramids at Giza!

Mummy's Curse Powerless Against Theft of Egypt's Artifacts  Beginning in ancient times, looting and theft of valuable artifacts are still prevalent in Egypt today.

CNN - Egyptologists Stumble Upon Huge Ramses II Statue  This article highlights a surprising recent find - a statue of Ramesses II at Giza!

CNN Report - New Corridor Found In Tomb!  Here is a 1995 CNN online article about a new find in the latest tomb to be found in the Valley of the Kings!

CNN - Confounding Experts, an Ancient Culture Thrives in Egypt This article explores how the Nubian people have thrived since the building of the High Aswan Dam.

CNN - New Plateau of Pyramids  Read about the exciting opening of the pyramids at Dahshur, which have been closed to the public for many years!

CNN - The Great Pyramids Take a Breather  This explains about the temporary 1995-96 closing of the pyramid of Khafre at Giza.

CNN - The Race To Save Egyptian Relics  Here is a CNN online article about the growing concern to save ancient artifacts before they're plowed under during construction.

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