New Discovery at Giza
Zahi Hawass

We are now working on the site management program at Giza. We are restoring the tombs located to the south of Khafre the builder of the second pyramid.  Restoration work requires some architectural restoration of the tombs. We pick up the fallen stones and put them back into place, adding some courses to the missing blocks and restoring the tombs that need restoration.  In two years this area will be completely restored. Doing restoration and conservation requires some re-excavation between the tombs. During the clearing and conservation we discovered a niche in the rock with beautiful eyes coming to see us. These eyes belong to the latest statue to be discovered. It is a small seated statue, about one and a half feet tall. It is magnificently carved and inscribed on the base is the name and title of the owner. His name is Myrt Nswt and He was the Overseer of the Craftsmen.



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