Valley of the Kings, Luxor
Dr. Zahi Hawass

I am very excited about our scientific mummy project we are now implementing. National Geographic and Siemens donated a CT-Scan machine to the SCA for further research about royal and non royal mummies.
A top team of the SCA archaeologists, experts in restoration and conservation and radiologists, headed by myself came together to examine the mummy of King Tutankhamun.
The current examination revealed that Tut's head is the only well preserved part of the whole mummy, while the rest of the body is in a very bad condition as a result of Carter's attempts to remove Tut's famous golden mask from the mummy's face.
The mummy was carefully removed from the sarcophagus for the CT-Scan. The results of the scan are now undergoing comprehensive studies in order to decipher the mystery behind the golden king, Tutankhamun.


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