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The Ancient Egyptian Afterlife
Everything you've always wanted to know about ancient Egyptian mummies and afterlife, but were afraid to ask! Learn about the Egyptians perception of the afterlife, their mummies, the process of  mummification, and even meet some of the actual mummies.

Mummification A short description of the process of mummification by the Carnegie Museum of Natural History.

How To Make A Mummy National Geographic presents this feature on mummies.

The Clickable Mummy This site allows you to click on parts of a picture of a mummy and then explains about that part!

Ti Ameny Net Here's a website for an ancient Egyptian mummy displayed at the Ancient World Gallery in North Court at the University of Richmond in Virginia.

The Virtual Mummy  Learn about mummification using Quicktime VR!

Corkankhamun Explains Mummification Join Corkankhamun on his hypertext mummy tour to discover how and why the Egyptians mummifed their dead.

Faces of the Pharaohs  Here is an interesting page that presents reconstructive drawings of the faces of the Royal Mummies. Brought to you by Marianne Luban.

Mummification Learn about how bodies were mummified and examine a mummy in its coffin.

Mummy Case Explore the mummy case of Lady Teshat.

Make Your Own Mummy Now you can make your own mummy, and the good news is you don't even need a dead guy!

The Mummy Project A young Egyptian mummy is studied in this site presented by the University of Illinois.

Digital Mummies A virtual gallery of the mummies of the more famous pharaohs.

Who Was Among The Royal Mummies? Learn about the various mummies that have been uncovered. By Edward F. Wente, Professor, The Oriental Institute.

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