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These pages are virtual Internet switchboards which provide many useful links to Egypt and Egyptology resources
throughout the world!


Ancient Egypt  NewExplore this nice concise website presenting info on Egyptian life, geography, gods & goddesses, mummification, pharaohs, pyramids and more. Has features which require Shockwave plug-in. Presented by the British Museum.

ARCE Home Page  Here's the official website for the American Research Center in Egypt! 

Akhet Internet  Here's a nice ancient Egypt site featuring info and pictures about the Amarna Period, Tutankhamun, museums, art, mummies, mythology and more.

Egyptology Resources  This is one of the original Egyptology web pages on the Internet. The page is located in England and is updated periodically. This site includes a comprehensive list of many of the E-Mail addresses of Egyptologists.

ABZU's Egypt Page The ABZU is Chuck Jones guide to web resources for the study of the Ancient Near East. This page is the Egypt section of ABZU and includes many links to Egypt resources throughout the web.

Greg Reeder's Egypt Page   This page was created by my friend Greg Reeder, Contributing Editor for KMT magazine, and has some good links to Egypt stuff on the Web.

Egypt Interactive  Lot's of great links to Egypt resources throughout the web.

Mark Millmore's Ancient Egyptian Page  Mark's done a nice job on his page which features Pyramids, Temples, Kings/Queens, Hieroglyphs and more. Recently Updated!

House of Netjer - A temple dedicated to the revival of early Kemetic (ancient Egyptian) religion through the study of source texts and modern archaeological research.

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